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VZ Nav for Droid 2 GlobalMore signs of Motorola’s upcoming global phone are popping up. The latest being the availability of the VZ Navigator for Droid 2 Global making an appearance on the Android Market. With Verizon already preparing to sell Droid 2 Global apps to the public, we can only assume that the phone will be launching soon. Perhaps on the rumored November 11 date with all the other Android phones? The Droid 2 Global is an update to Motorola’s highly acclaimed Droid 2 phone- with an updated processor, world roaming capabilities and Android 2.2. Rumored to replace the original Droid 2, this phone should be making its way to Verizon’s shelves this holiday season for $200 with a 2-year contract. Is a phone with roaming capabilities important for you?

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