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Palm Pre 2

Great news to everyone itching to get their hands on the Palm Pre 2- HP has officially announced that their new Palm webOS smartphone will be available for pre-order starting November 8. With pre-orders happening in less than a few days away, we should expect to see the device hit the streets in a couple of months (unless it turns out to be like the Nokia N8 pre-order fiasco). Verizon will be the official carrier for the device, while HP will also be selling unlocked devices to developers. The Palm Pre 2 is the update to the original Palm Pre. Featuring an improved screen (3.1″) and camera (5 megapixels) with flash, it will be the first Palm device to ship with webOS 2.0- the OS that all Palm users have been looking forward to. The Palm Pre 2 will also have WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Will you be pre-ordering this device next week?

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