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Android: full of bad code

Security analysts, Coverity, recently analyzed the source code for the HTC Incredible and discovered an alarming number of defects. For every 1,000 lines of code there were 47 defects- compared with the industry standard average of 1 per 1,000. Within the HTC Incredible source code, there was a total of 359 defects, with 88 of those being high-risk: memory leaks, memory corruption, and uninitialized variables. Coverity will be giving a more detailed report to the Android team, OEMs, and security researchers to give them a chance to fix the problems before they release the report to the public. Even though these results are only for one phone, the HTC Incredible, according to Coverity it could apply to all other Android devices as well because of they would share similar code, hence similar flaws. Despite being riddled with holes, Coverity still rate Android twice as good as most open-source projects. Let’s hope all those problems get fixed in the near future, or Android users will be left feeling insecure about their phones.

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