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If you own the Sony Tablet S and you’re looking to root it in order to install custom mods, apps, ROMs and etc, you’ll be pleased to find out that a root method for your tablet has been discovered. This is courtesy of Dan Rosenberg, the same person behind the root method for the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet, and it seems that he has managed to come up with a way that will root your Tablet S device.

Unfortunately his method seems to be rather technical in nature and might not be readily understood by the layman, however if you think you’re up for the task or if you’re simply curious, you can pop on over to Dan Rosenberg’s blog for the full details including the download link. Once again we cannot stress enough the importance of backing your data up as you never know what may occur should you follow the instructions wrongly, and that all of this is done at your own risk!

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