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Earlier we had reported that Panasonic was launching the Eluga Android smartphone in Europe, but it seems that apart from the Eluga, the Japanese company has plans for a higher-end Android device whose name is currently unknown. Based on the rumor, Panasonic is supposedly set to debut a “premium” Android phone at MWC next week and will feature a host of specs that will top the recently announced Eluga.

Supposedly the device will feature a dual-core processor, presumably clocked higher than 1GHz, a display powered by Panasonic’s own technology along with a rear-facing camera that will utilize Panasonic’s Lumix camera technology as well. As far as integrating Lumix technology is concerned, it has been done before with the Panasonic Lumix Phone 101P, but unfortunately that phone appeared to be an exclusive for Japan.

What we do know is that Panasonic is set to make waves in Europe so for them to launch a flagship device is not completely out of the question. Either way we suggest you take this with a grain of salt for now, but do check back with us during MWC as we will be bringing you more coverage.

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