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Battery life on smartphones probably can’t beat the battery life on feature phones which seem to be able to last for days. To be fair the way we use our smartphones and the activities conducted on them probably play a huge part. After all streaming videos, surfing the web, sending emails and playing games is a huge step away from playing Snake II on your Nokia 3310 and sending black and white text messages.

As it stands there has been an increasing number complaints from T-Mobile G2 users that they are experiencing some serious battery drain on their devices. It appears that even after fully charging the device and unplugging it before going to bed will result in the battery dead phone the next morning. Some are speculating that it’s because the G2 phones keep polling T-Mobile’s servers for the Gingerbread update while some are speculating it could be the new version of Google Maps. Apparently putting the device into airplane mode returns the battery back to normal.

If this is indeed the device attempting to poll T-Mobile’s servers for the update, T-Mobile should probably release the update soon along with a fix that will disable the continuous polling. No word from T-Mobile regarding this issue yet.

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