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T-Mobile knows that they are definitely going to lose potential customers when the Verizon iPhone 4 comes out, so it is no surprise to see the company employ a totally different trick – some might even say underhanded, to at least capture some folks who are still tethering on the brink as whether to bring home the CDMA iPhone 4 or not. The strategy? Offer a phone promotion in the form of a Valentine’s Day deal that gives away any phone for free, such as the Samsung Vibrant and T-Mobile G2, as long as you decide to stick to T-Mobile for 2 years. This deal is good only on February 11 and 12, and it might even encompass mail-in rebates for some phones. Such a strategy isn’t new, as AT&T will also employ the ruse of giving away free MicroCells, while Sprint hopes that the Kyocera Echo and its dual displays will prove attractive enough.

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