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uhohWhile most of us would like to go through life without mishaps or accidents, those are just the things that cannot be avoided – which is why there is this particular industry known as insurance. HTC themselves know that owners of a new smartphone would want to do their darndest best to protect the handset in all possible ways, which is why they have come up with the HTC Uh-Oh Protection Program.

Having become official, the HTC Uh-Oh Protection Program is said to offer a free replacement unit in the event that your brand new HTC One M9 meets its demise, and this initiative will include coverage of the risks associated with a cracked screen or water damage within the first year of ownership. Should your HTC One M9 go through the entire year unscathed, you will then be able to take advantage of a $100 credit in the direction of purchasing another HTC handset, now how about that as an incentive?

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