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cyberbullyCyber-bullying is not a new phenomenon, and if you have followed such news before, you would know that it has gotten a whole lot more prevalent in this generation than before, due to the numerous ways in which one will be able to remain connected. Well, a teachers’ union recently warned that even teachers are not immune to this social scourge of the 21st century, where a greater number of teachers have started to face abuse on social media.

In fact, pupils have begun to sling sexist, racist and homophobic remarks against school staff, in addition to some highly offensive mention of one’s physical appearance. Perhaps this is a bad example picked up by children from their parents, since there are also instances of parents being abusive on social media? Who can really tell the reason in the rise, other than the fact that the world has gotten a whole lot more connected, and not too many know the difference between freedom of expression and freedom of expressing oneself. There is always a level of tact and responsibility associated with the dissemination of information, and hopefully the affected teaching staff will have the mental and emotional fortitude to be able to shrug off these insults.

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