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republic-wirelessNow how about this – having a wireless provider actually pay you money if you do not happen to use up your monthly cellular data? It sounds more like a place in an alternate universe, but pinch yourself and snap out of it. WiFi calling leader Republic Wireless are the ones to raise the proverbial bar this time around, where they are having a beta test of new plans which will actually repay consumers for their unused cellular data every single month, now how about that?

Bandwidth and Republic Wireless CEO, David Morken , shared, “One of the coolest things here at Republic is collaborating together with our Customers to solve the biggest industry pain points in Republic Labs. It helps us keep one step ahead. Customers told us they wanted control over how much cellular data they buy – with today’s announcement, we are delivering. Over eighty percent of our customers use less than a gigabyte of cellular data a month. It’s been estimated that current industry plans cause consumers to waste an average of $200 per year in unused cellular data. We think that’s ridiculous. So we’ve devised a way to pay customers back penny for penny for unused cellular data every month.”

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