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apple logoApple is said to bring about Force Touch technology where the Apple Watch is concerned, and just in case you were wondering what kind of technology Force Touch is all about, it is rather self explanatory. Basically, Force Touch will be able to tell the difference between light taps as well as deep presses, where the latter is also given the moniker “force click.” In fact, it is touted that the spanking new MacBook 12″, too, will feature Force Touch capability on its trackpad which ought to bring mobile computing to a whole new level. Word on the street has it too, that the next generation iPhone 6s Plus will feature Force Touch technology to boot.

It must be said that theoretically, force clicks do happen to be a quicker method of accessing select functions, and have been adopted in OS X Yosemite. The latest rumors on the grapevine claim that the iPhone 6S Plus will be the one that will come with such hardware, and it is also mentioned that the cost will be more than double compared to how much it will cost on the Apple Watch, which makes sense if you were to take the larger size into comparison. What do you think of the Force Touch sensor appearing on the iPhone 6S Plus?

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