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sony_logoThe Sony PlayStation 4 is all set to be on the receiving end of an update tomorrow, where the system software will get bumped up to version 2.50. This particular software has been codenamed “Yukimura,” where it will see the introduction of a slew of features where some of them would definitely have been looked forward to by the masses for quite some time already, although there will certainly be other surprises in store, too. It is touted that this particular update will deliver some rather significant improvements to your PS4 experience in a more streamlined and enjoyable manner.

Once you have installed the update, you can pick up games from right where you left off, find and connect with friends in a quicker manner than ever before, to customize your experience as well as share your most epic moments in a far more meaningful method.

It is nice to know that the mentioned Suspend/Resume feature will be supported by close to all of your PS4 games, letting you jump in and out of your games with a simple press of the PS button. One can make the quick switch from Rest Mode to powered-up, helping you get more game time in.

Not only that, one can perform a back-up and restore of hard disc drive data associated with users on your PS4, and this will include the likes of settings, saved data, screenshots and video clips, not to mention games, patches and download data, to and from an external USB drive. Are you looking forward to the “Yukimura” update already? [Press Release]

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