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purple-xperia-z3-rumorI have always maintained the stand where unless and until an official statement is issued by the hardware manufacturer, all else that is heard online would be nothing but rumors and whispers, and so the same applies to talk of a purple colored Xperia Z3 coming our way. When the flagship Xperia Z3 was first launched, it arrived in black, copper, white and green color options. Hence, throwing in the shade of purple would be very much welcome, thank you very much.

Nothing is confirmed yet of course, as this particular bit of information hailed from Chinese website ePrice, citing that there is a purple variant of the Xperia Z3 that is well on its way. There is nothing official announced yet of course, and if it were to be the case, then you can be sure that apart from the external change in color, everything else underneath the hood would remain the same. It ought to arrive in time for the Lunar New Year as well, and that would be February 19th thereabouts.

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