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cablevision-freewheelCablevision has announced FreeWheel earlier this week, and just in case you were wondering what FreeWheel is all about, it happens to be a wireless service which has total dependence on Wi-Fi networks and nothing else, not even on cellular networks, making this a truly unique form factor. FreeWheel would deliver the advantage of enjoying unlimited voice calls through VoIP, messaging, as well as data for as little as $30 each month.

Cablevision’s Optimum Online customers can make use of this particular service for even less – we are talking of a price point of a mere $10 per month. At launch, this particular service will play nice with the likes of the Motorola Moto G, which Cablevision is currently selling for $99 a pop.

The FreeWheel service can basically be accessed from just about anywhere Wi-Fi is available, and customers will hook up automatically to Optimum Online Wi-Fi hotspots when and where they are available, and with more than 1.1 million public hotspots available according to Cablevision, it might be worth checking out.

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