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It looks as though the Oppo R5 has lost its throne as the slimmest smartphone in the world to the newly announced Vivo X5 Max. Well, all is not lost, if one were to take into consideration that the Vivo X5 Max is available in China only at the moment – with no word of it being prepared for a release outside of China down the road, which means the Oppo R5 can be the slimmest smartphone that one can pick up outside of Asia. Still, the extremely thin profile has been put through a fair number of “punishments” in the video above to show just how tough and robust it is – despite being so thin.

Perhaps Apple has a thing or two to learn from Oppo in terms of making a thin handset that does not bend when placed in one’s pants pocket. The different kinds of stress tests would include a car run over the Oppo R5, where it emerged from that without any scratches – hard to believe, don’t you think so?

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