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gear-s-wifi-japanIf you are in the market for a smartwatch while living in the Land of the Rising Sun, then you might want to check out the brand new Samsung Gear S Wi-Fi only smartwatch. Over in Japan, this particular model will be made available to the masses via KDDI au, and is not available from any other mobile carriers in that part of the world. I suppose this is a truly unique timepiece, since the Samsung Gear S is released with a SIM card slot in other parts of the world.

Not only that, Japan is not famous for having free Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere you go, which makes us wonder whether this particular timepiece will be able to sell by the truckloads or not. That remains to be seen, and is only something that can be determined at a later period when the market stabilizes itself. Still, would you pick up a Wi-Fi only smartwatch when you know that there might be other models out there that provide on-demand Internet connectivity thanks to a built-in SIM card slot?

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