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note4-dualsimIf you are a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but figured out that this particular handset happens to be missing out on a dual SIM slot in order to make it a truly outstanding flagship device, perhaps you no longer need to wait too long any more, since word on the street has it (and the photo above too, if you are an evidence-based person) that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will roll out in China with a dual SIM slot.

Of course, this particular model would not carry the same model number as that of the vanilla SM-N910 Galaxy Note 4, but rather, it will be known as the SM-N9100. There will be a couple of microSIM slots located right at the back, but apart from that, everything else would remain the same, including a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB RAM, a Quad HD display, an S Pen stylus, and of course, the dual SIM slots. Do take note, however, one out of the two would be a 2G only SIM slot, but best of all is, they will both be on standby simultaneously.

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