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gsnote4Earlier this morning, there was the announcement by Samsung concerning their latest generation phablet, which would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that will bring a whole new experience where phablets are concerned, and T-Mobile has already opened up its online pre-registration – not only for the coveted Galaxy Note 4, but also for the Galaxy Note Edge as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 intends to be a game changer by being a big and bold phablet, where its generously sized and immersive 5.7″ Quad HD Super AMOLED display will definitely keep your eyes mesmerized, while allowing users to enjoy a smooth and instinctive new S Pen, in addition to keeping selfie snapping folks happy thanks to a new front-facing camera.

Where the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is concerned, this mobile device will be the very first dual display phablet from Samsung (and other manufacturers might be interested to follow suit, actually) as it merges all of the best features that can be found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 while merging it with the Smart Edge screen, allowing you to remain connected without having to interrupt any of your main screen content.

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