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opera-100mWhen you have 100 million users of a particular product, you can be quite sure that these users are more than happy (exceptions to the rule would be such a product being sold in a highly controlled environment, making it a monopoly) to continue using it for its features and value for money, if you had to fork out dough for it, of course. What are we talking about here? Why, it would be the Opera browser on the Android platform, where Opera Software was pleased as punch to announced that 100 million smartphone owners are currently browsing the web using Opera’s products.

In fact, the largest parmet of such active Android users who rock to the Opera browser reside in India, which is followed by the world’s most populous country, China, the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, Russia and Mexico. This is a huge figure, taking into consideration how it was just half that number last year. Here is to the next 100 million, Opera! [Press Release]

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