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google-workshopDo you think that you’re special, and one in close to 7 billion? Regardless of the answer that you give, it would be correct to just saying “Yes”, as that as much is true. Hence, you might not want to go with the flow where smartphones are concerned, since you will have to look the same like other folks if you did. Google has an escape route for you then – through a new service that is known as Google Workshop.

The Google Workshop will allow you to design your very own smartphone case, with the ability to create a wallpaper of your choice as well, not to mention what your phone will look like at the back. Sounds familiar? Yeah, the Moto Maker lets you customize what some of your Motorola smartphones will look like, and Google Workshop looks to kick off its proceedings with the Nexus 5 first, before support is added for other Nexus devices in the market – Google Play Edition devices from various partners, too.

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