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facetimehiresApple’s FaceTime service continues to grow from strength to strength, and you can be more or less sure that this is one particular aspect of service from Apple that will not get discontinued anytime soon. In fact, we have explored the possibility of Apple developing a version of FaceTime that could see action in an enterprise environment, as it offers a higher-resolution version to boot.

In a recently published patent that was discovered this week, this patent points to a multi-view video conferencing camera system that will rely on scalable video encoding. The patented device itself was originally applied for all the way back in June 2012, and it might just provide competition against Microsoft’s 360 degrees Roundtable conferencing technology.

Taking into consideration one of the more recent deals between Apple and IBM to churn out hardware as well as software for use in the business environment, not to mention a focus on the area of enterprise under the leadership of Tim Cook, this might very well be worth exploring for the Cupertino-based company, since such an idea would blossom thanks to the pervasive presence of Apple devices in the industry. How many of you would like to hold a business meeting with colleagues in high resolution FaceTime? Best to remember to shave that morning then!

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