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gsnote4-cover-leakSo, you already own the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at the moment, and are itching for an upgrade later this year? Perhaps a little bit more patience is required, since what you see on the right here happens to be an alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smart cover that was shot in a hurry by whoever took it. The tipster happens to hail from South Korea, and claimed that it was just a matter of a few seconds available before he or she could snap said photo, and unfortunately for the rest of us, the camera or device used to shoot that image proved to be less than useful in such situations, ending up with a pristine example of a blurry-cam shot.

Ah well, this alleged smart cover does depict what looks like some packaging or an information sheet concerning a smart cover for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, where it boasts of an oval window that points to the possibility of smart-action functionality, not to mention stylus interaction being part of the package, too.

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