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cortana-soonMicrosoft’s upcoming digital assistant that is known as Cortana has seen its fair share of rumors in the past, where among it include a possible release over in an iOS or Android operating system, but that particular rumor was debunked not too long ago. In fact, Microsoft Program Manager, Marcus Ash, has informed his followers over Twitter that Cortana will soon see an expansion of her reach, hitting the United Kingdom and in China “very soon”. “Very soon” here would be loosely translated to weeks instead of months. Are you stoked yet with this particular bit of news?

This is definitely a welcome development in the right direction, but chances are we will not see any change in the “beta” status of Cortana. Instead, it seems to be widening the native reach in order for additional developers and enthusiasts to jump aboard the Cortana bandwagon and take advantage of all that Windows Phone 8.1 comes with.

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