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lg-g3-case-rumorAll companies that roll out smartphones do happen to carry a flagship device that they can call their own – after all, it might not be the biggest money spinner for the company, but it sure as heck does get the job done in espousing the technological virtues of the said company. As for LG, their expected next flagship device that is set to arrive would be the LG G3, and from what one can see above, it does resemble that of the upcoming flagship, albeit being wrapped around in a protective case.

Of course, there is also every chance that this could end up being a Photoshopped image of the LG G3, so it would be wise to take this particular leaked photo with a grain of salt – or more, if you want to. It will carry a QHD display that would be the first of its kind in the US when released, assuming Samsung does not roll out their Galaxy S5 Prime (aka Galaxy KQ) before that.

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