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It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S5 can now pull out a chair and have a nice, long chat with the iPhone 5s, since both smartphones can have their fingerprint readers fooled by fake digits. Yes sir, from the video above that was posted by SR Labs, it points to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 being played out through the same modus operandi – you will need to be in possession of a good photo of a latent print however, where one from the touchscreen will do perfectly fine, before one creates a mold that can trick the fingerprint reader into thinking that it is the real deal.

Apart from that, SR Labs also touted that Samsung’s technology when it comes to fingerprint recognition might not be as secure as Apple’s on the iPhone 5s, since one does not need to enter a passcode under select conditions, reboot included, not to mention making use of a fingerprint in order to perform PayPal transactions.

It is not time to run around like a headless chicken at the moment though – in order to exploit this vulnerability on the Galaxy S5, one will need a decent amount of skill, resources and time in order to come up with a fake finger. Chances are the average street thief will not have the time to get all of this done before you wipe your content remotely. PayPal also makes it a snap to stop any unwanted payments, which ought to give you a sigh of relief. Still, this does not mean that biometric security is not 100% foolproof, so do take all the necessary precautions at all times.

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