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lg-g-flex_06When it comes to modern day smartphones and tablets, these might not be the ultra rugged devices that one would bring to the great outdoors, but there are some models which do seem to work just fine in a harsh environment, just as it would at home. The LG G Flex is one of the world’s first bent smartphones, and just how tough is it, really?

The folks over at Consumer Reports decided to put it to the test, having introduced plenty of pressure to the smartphone along the way. While LG had tested the G Flex to accept a 100 repetition set of 88 lbs., why not go further? Consumer Reports found out that just 30 lbs. of pressure was required to flatten it, but after 1,000 presses, the phone still worked like a charm, and the same applied after testing it for 1,000 presses during 88 lbs. of pressure.

They decided to go further and push the testing machine to the limit, hitting 1,000 lbs. of pressure and yet the LG F Flex continued to function like a charm, now how about that for durability?

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