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sprint_This is what research firm Strategy Analytics has to say about the U.S.’ third largest mobile carrier, Sprint – that they will soon be the “King of data speed”. In a particular report which was issued by the research firm, it touts that carriers do seem to be making the move away from network coverage, and will instead focus on the speed of their pipelines. According to Guang Yang, Strategy Analytics’ senior analyst for wireless networks and platforms, he claims that the TDD spectrum in the 2.5GHz band which Sprint picked up from Clearwire last year, happens to hold the key for Sprint to offer “super high speed data connections” to its customers.

Apart from that, Strategy Analytics has also been kind to Sprint’s tri-band LTE service which is known as Sprint Spark. This particular network will play nice with circuitry on selected handsets where it can figure out just which of the three bands happen to be the best for a certain task. In light of this, one might even be able to enjoy real-world speeds of up to 150 to 180Mbps, now how about that?

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