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htc-one-4gThe upcoming HTC One, also known as the HTC M8 by its model name which was referenced to many times in the past, has apparently made its way to eBay for sale – even before it has been released on an official basis. In fact, it is a Verizon-branded HTC One 4G LTE that comes with 32GB of internal memory that has been spotted on the eBay listing, retailing for $499.99 a pop.

The eBay listing points to the upcoming smartphone’s packaging, but does not show the actual HTC One itself, which could very well point to this being a hoax by all means. The thing is, why not go the extra mile and actually shoot a photo of said smartphone to prove to the world that this is the real deal? It is also interesting to take note that the name of this particular device has been retained, where it will be called the HTC One, just like its predecessor, having dropped the “All New” part that we have all come to be so used to.

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