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Samsung_logoSamsung has had a fair amount of success with its Samsung Galaxy S series, where we are right now up to number 4 in the range. It goes without saying that to keep up with the rest of the market, Samsung will continue to churn out a next generation Galaxy S smartphone, and the next obvious candidate would be the Samsung Galaxy S5. Apparently, the Galaxy S5 is due to arrive this coming April, and word on the street has it that Samsung is looking into using eye scanner technology. Incorporation of this technology in the Galaxy S5 could very well make it a whole lot more competitive down the road, especially as it has the iPhone from Apple as one of its main and bitter rivals.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to be paired with a new wearable device which will be the next evolution of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, where the latter too, would arrive in a new and improved design that will see it shed away more bulk. That sounds like good news for anyone, so we’re really interested to see what Samsung has in store for the future.

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