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beyonceRecords are meant to be broken, otherwise there would be no aspiration left for the human race to continue moving forward. Well, on the iTunes Store, a brand new record was created with the release of BEYONCÉ, as this album saw a sales figure of 828,773 units in a matter of just three days. This also happens to pick up the Best First Week Album Sales and has ended up as the Number One album across 104 countries, now how about that for a stellar performance?

What are some of the other feats that BEYONCÉ managed to achieve? For starters, it also broke the US first week album sales record with 617,213 sold, and has proven itself to be a global success for sure. BEYONCÉ happens to be the fifth solo studio album from Beyoncé, and it was released worldwide as an exclusive on the iTunes Store last Friday. I guess with such a stellar sales performance, superstitious folks might not look at Friday the 13th with such consternation any more. Apart from that, BEYONCÉ is the artist’s first visual album, where it boasts of 14 new songs and 17 visually stunning, provocative videos that were shot worldwide prior to the album’s release. Have you purchased her album already? [Press Release]

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