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tmo-gravityqHere is a smartphone that caters for those who happen to be pretty tight on their budget at the moment. Of course, do not expect Full HD displays and all sorts of bells and whistles that come with the other higher end smartphones in the market, as the Samsung Gravity Q, a T-Mobile exclusive, would work out to be a decent, hard worker for those of you who want to get your conversations going without any hassle at all.

Expect the Samsung Gravity Q to deliver function hardware specifications and performance in tandem, with a 3” display that is larger than that of its predecessor, the Samsung Gravity T, a 2-megapixel camera at the back, a 1,000mAh battery to keep it going, 3G support and a microSD memory card slot. The asking price for the Samsung Gravity Q is a mere $9.99, although you will need to see out the remaining balance of $153.99 through 24 monthly installments of $6 each. Seems to be the ideal beginner phone, don’t you think so?

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