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HTCOnelogo-660x422The placement of the home button on the HTC One is a little odd I have to admit. After all most, if not all phones, place the home button in the middle since it does feel like a logical place to put it. HTC however decided to opt for placing their logo smack in the middle. Now interestingly it seems that according to some folks on the XDA Developers forum, the HTC logo lies on the same touch sensitive plate as the back button and the home button, which means that if one were to do some kernel modifications, it has been suggested that the HTC logo could actually double up as a capacitive button! We’re sure this is not what HTC had in mind, but as always thanks to the Android dev community, would-be HTC One customers will now have an additional button that they can customize. Theoretically one could use the logo as a recent apps launcher, a menu button or whatever they can think of. In any case if you want to check out the discussion going on, head on over to the XDA forums for the details. In the meantime what function would you have the HTC logo do?

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