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galaxy-s4-mini-mockSamsung is definitely serious about the miniaturization of their flagship smartphone models assuming rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini proved to be true. After all, the Galaxy S3 did have its less endowed sibling, the aptly named Galaxy S3 Mini, where the latter smartphone is uncomfortably nestled in the mid-range segment with other players from the same stable such as the Galaxy Ace already filling up such a niche in the first place.

Well, there are rumors that Samsung will still go ahead with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to keep the Samsung Galaxy S4 company later this year, and there is a very good possibility of the Galaxy S4 Mini to feature a 4-inch High Definition display to deliver eye popping visuals. Still, do not expect similar levels of hardware specifications with the Samsung Galaxy S4 when the Mini version arrives, if at all. We hope to bring you the latest word and its developments. What you see on the right is just a mock image of the rumored Galaxy S4 Mini.

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