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tmo-ones-tweaksT-Mobile has decided that it is time for the HTC One S to be more secure, never mind that in all probability, you will not find too many HTC One S owners around with the ever changing world of smartphones. Having said that, we have seen support documents from T-Mobile that espouse the latest security update that ought to make your handset more secure, which is always a good thing.

The entire update will be approximately 49MB in size, so make sure your HTC One S will come in a stock, unrooted system, with at least half the amount of battery life left before proceeding. Of course, it would make perfect sense to perform a backup of all your data beforehand, and just to make sure, why not hook it up to a charger as well? The update will roll out in stages from now until February 28th via OTA (Over The Air), so be patient if you haven’t heard nuts from T-Mobile yet.

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