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cortex-novathorIt was not too long ago that ST-Ericsson introduced their 2.5GHz NovaThor L8580 CPU (earlier this year, in fact), we are pleased to announce that ST-Ericsson intends to introduce a faster processor at the upcoming MWC show that is set to kick off next week in the form of the quad-core NovaThor L8580, with four Cortex A9 cores running within. To make sure that battery life does not deplete in a matter of moments no thanks to its speedy 3GHz clock speed, ST-Ericsson has constructed the chipset using the 28nm FD-SOI manufacturing process.

Apart from that, ST-Ericsson has made use of ModAp that is said to optimize the execution of apps, resulting in being able to run them up to 35% faster. Other features of the chip include support for dual cameras, LTE connectivity, and HD Voice capability.

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