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There has been quite a fair amount of speculation going around that some sort of pre-orders were making their way towards the Google Play Store, and those rumors have been confirmed to be true, of course. Apparently, Google Play customers are now able to place pre-orders for books, and this feature is available on Android even as you read this. Apart from this feature being made available on the Android platform, you can also pick it up at the Play Store website, just so you know.

By the way, did anyone notice that Google tends to premier new Play Store features on the website before making its debut on the Android platform? Just saying, and if you were wondering just how the pre-order process for books work, it is similar to purchasing a book – except that you do not receive the book straight away, but receive it only when it is actually released. This event saw Google throw in a “New and Coming Soon” section to the Play Store, and over there you can check out the first batch of pre-order capable book listings, where among them include Tom Clancy’s new book Threat Vector.

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