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There were whispers in the past of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hitting T-Mobile this coming October 24th, but there was no official announcement or confirmation on that particular date. Nothing has changed since then, but what we do know is this – T-Mobile has issued an official press statement, touting that the mobile carrier (which has recently merged with MetroPCS by the way) will be offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the masses this coming fall.

Now, there is not that much to work with there, although we do know that winter is coming soon as well, which means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which sports T-Mobile livery will soon make its appearance. The thing is, we do not yet know just how much one would have to fork out for this 5.5” phablet device, although it would not break the $300 mark for sure on a contract. Things will definitely be far different if it comes unlocked, but since it is tied down to T-Mobile, you might want to take a look at your finances and see if you are able to change your handset by the time it hits the market.

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