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Hmmm, Microsoft might be on to something here as we hear of news that the Microsoft Surface RT 32GB model is already sold out for its pre-order, and the tablet device is now 3 weeks on back order status. Does this mean that Microsoft underestimated the market demand and did not make available enough units at the beginning, or is the world more than ready to embrace the latest version of the Windows operating system on a tablet format? Some say that Microsoft needs to hold back a sizeable amount of the Microsoft Surface RT 32GB for retail stores, so even if the online pre-order is sold out, heading to your regular brick and mortar store upon its launch should be able to net you one.

Whispers have it that Microsoft did order up to 5 million Surface tablets for the final quarter of the year, so Windows fans and supporters, keep your fingers crossed that such a level of interest will be maintained, and the RT platform might be deemed as a success eventually.

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