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Beauty and brains is a combo that most of us would like to have, and I am quite sure that smartphones, too, want the very same make up as well. The HTC One S is definitely a thing of beauty, but it is no rose when it comes to its software, at least for select owners. There are reports coming in that select HTC One S devices have gone nuts, with its main screen being switched back and forth with the helicopter view that shows off the rest of the homescreens. Should you make attempts to arrest this craziness that you view in the video above using the trio of capacitive buttons, the HTC One S would just hang. Quickly locking and unlocking the handset does seem to offer temporary relief before it starts acting up again later.

Check out the video above to get a better idea on what we are talking about. While HTC has already started to receive affected HTC One S models for repair, there is still no official working fix just yet. Let us hope HTC will be able to get this situation resolved, and soon. It is not as though the company is in the good graces of many people now.

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