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From June 4 onwards, the HTC One S on T-Mobile will be receiving notification for a software update which will be arriving to users in batches right up until July 7. If you have the software build with the number 1.84.531.2 710RD, it is current. However, if your software version is 1.53.531.16 710RD, you can look forward to this new update. According to the T-Mobile blog, this will maintain your software at Android version 4.0.3 (a different variation).

Its improvements include the issues to do with the goodbye splash not appearing when powering off due to low battery and the voicemail indicator not appearing while using Wi-Fi calling. The update apparently also brings improvements to Wi-Fi calling as well as camera stability. Finally, the update is said to improve signal fluctuation. The update changelog requires the following pre-requisites: over-the-air update over Wi-Fi, Android version 4.0.3, no custom roms or root, more than 50% battery, 350MB available memory but the update file is only 24.2MB. Let us know once you’ve updated your HTC One S from T-Mobile.

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