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HTC’s variant for the One X in the States with the model number PJ83100 landed at the FCC in the beginning of March along with the expected support for AT&T’s LTE bands. Now however, it looks like another HTC model has flaunted its stuff for the folks over at the FCC and it looks to be yet another variant of the international HTC One X. The phone with the model number PJ83100 has gotten several parties thinking that it could be another HTC One XL which is what the variant of the One X in the States is called everywhere else.

The band coverage from the filing doesn’t look like something that is intended for release in the US with 3G on 1900MHz but not 850MHz. From the manufacturer’s website, it has two versions of the One XL; the AT&T model and another one for Asia and Australia. That said however, it would make sense that we wouldn’t see the FCC test operation on LTE bands that aren’t used in the US, but there is something a little out of place here with the other XL model which is apparently supposed to support 3G on 850MHz, and we’d expect the FCC to clear it for operation on that band if that’s the model that is really in question here.

While the information with regards to the device is really scarce, the only thing we know is that the model number hasn’t been seen anywhere before so until either the manufacturer or a related carrier comes up with an official announcement as to what it is, we’ll have to take this news with a pinch of salt and keep our ears and eyes open for something about it.

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