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Sometime in March an unknown device made by Pantech running the Android OS surfaced in some benchmark figure data. From that information, we saw that it was running a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor from Qualcomm and it exhibit signs that it would be landing for AT&T. However, since then, there have been no signs of it. Today however, it seems that the device which has the model name P8010 has resurfaced again but this time it has showed up under the watchful eyes of the folks over at the FCC and it has come out successfully on the other side. As the previous sighting confirmed, the P8010 is packed with the bands necessary for the device’s operation on AT&T.

Besides the standard LTE bands we have seen AT&T use in the past, there is additional support for LTE on 850 and 1900 MHz bands that the carrier makes use off for the rest of its cellular data services. This inclusion could either indicate that AT&T is intending to phase-out existing operation on any of those frequencies and reallocate them for increased LTE bandwidth, of this is just a sign of the manufacturer preparing the device for operation on international carriers in addition to AT&T in the US. Although the benchmark results prior to this report indicated that the P8010 would ship with a qHD display, the FCC report carried no additional information about it. That said however, don’t worry because we will keep you updated about any further developments about the alleged device.

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