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If you’re just too tired of waiting for your AT&T LG Nitro HD to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it seems that the folks over at XDA have got their hands on a leaked build of it and a custom ROM has been created. While it would be wise to exercise some caution with this early leaked build, many people in the XDA forums have reported that most things in the rom are running properly and that it is pretty stable.

With that said however, some have reported the IMEI going missing with the leaked build while some haven’t. In addition to that, it seems as though a bunch of the smartphones variants were tested to ensure things would go smoothly such as the one from AT&T, Bell and Fido. If you’re looking to give this early leaked build a try for your Nitro HD, head over to XDA developers through the source link and read up on instructions of how you can go about doing it.

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