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When the HTC One X was announced, it caused a stir among many Android fans in the States. However, when it was finally launched, people realized that the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor variant of the HTC One X wouldn’t be what they were getting because it didn’t support LTE connectivity. Consequentially, another variant of the HTC One X was churned out that did support the blazing fast data connectivity but this one was powered by a dual-core Snapdragon processor. In a world where specs assisted by numbers is everything, many potential purchasers went ahead and bought the dual-core LTE capable HTC One X anyway.

However the question as to how different the performances of both devices actually are still remains. A person by the name of Danny Winget decided to put that to the test and in the video embedded above; he puts both devices through a few tests. The first one is the Quadrant Standard followed by a quick Multi-Thread test and he ends the video with the Mark2 Benchmark Test. According to several reports, Winget’s video highlighted some surprising results but if you want to have a clearer view, do watch it.

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