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If you own the AT&T HTC One X and have been getting antsy ever since you found out that it was rooted, you will be glad to know that despite the efforts that the carrier put in to lock down the bootloader for the device, the folks over at XDA have managed to crack it. This in turn effectively allows for a world of custom ROMs and modding. Debatably, the best part about this endeavor is that when you are done messing around with the unofficial unlock method; you can finish unlocking the bootloader via the official method with HTCDev’s online tool.

The guys at XDA have now even gone so far as to provide you with a handy walkthrough and if you’re confident in a world of command lines, it shouldn’t be overwhelming for you. With all that said however, you should know that the method that you can access by hitting up the source link will erase everything on your device, so make sure that you back up what you deem necessary accordingly. In addition to that, we at Uberphones neither condemn nor condone the act of unlocking their bootloaders unless you’re sure of exactly what you might be getting yourself along with your device into, so please tread lightly and be sure to do enough research before you take the plunge.

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