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After the Galaxy Nexus for Sprint was spotted at the FCC, its launching was already on the docket for many people looking to purchase the 4G LTE capable device. Now with Sprint’s leaked training guide for its staff, the launching has to be imminent. Our friends over at Engadget have received word that Sprint has initiated the employee training specifically for the Galaxy Nexus as well as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The training is supposed to educate staff on the benefit of the handset, OS and Google Wallet which is another feature said to come stock with the NFC enabled device. Although there are rumors that the headset will start shipping with 4G turned off, it seems that once Sprint’s LTE networks are up and running, they will most certainly be turned on again, that is if the rumor is true. Besides that, the carrier also added that the trainees have to complete everything over the next fortnight which leads up to believe that the handset should be peeking its head out to the public in late April or early May.

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