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Samsung has sent their yellow bumble-bee looking Galaxy Beam for its compliance tests at the FCC and it seems the device really flaunted its stuff while it was there. The filing for the Samsung Galaxy Beam which is known for it’s built in projector was spotted at the FCC and based on the radio configuration equipped on the device; it seems to be headed for an AT&T release. What the US variant of the phone will be is still unclear but from what we know, the device does feature 3G support for the GSM 1900MHz and 850MHz bands.

Besides that are the specifications we mentioned at the launching of the device but if you didn’t read that one, here they are. The Samsung Galaxy Beam will rock a 4-inch display and will be powered by a 1GHz processor supported by 768MB of RAM. The device at the moment of its launch will be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread with no news of Ice Cream Sandwich yet. As the main specifications are nothing to scream about, what is the most important part of the device is the pico projector which can be seen smiling out from the top of the phone.

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