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When you put a lot of work into a design of a smartphone, the last thing you would want as a designer is purchasers to slap on a cover which neither resembles the original shape which you intended the device to be nor the slim and sleek form that it was pre-cover. With the latest smartphones from HTC, the One X and One S it was obvious that the team behind it had put the form factor high up on the list of priorities.

Like Apple which released a black bumper cover for the iPhone 4, there is nothing like a phone case made by the company behind the device itself. No alternative manufacturer can possibly give users the same snug fit and extra attention to detail that comes from the care by the device’s creators themselves. While there has been no news with regards to the price and availability of the covers, the folks over at Anandtech have gotten the orange and blue HTC ones for the One X to play around with. According to them, the covers snap on firmly without injuring the device and at the same time, it allows the form features to shine through.

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