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Our friends over at Pocketnow received a report from a reliable source over at Virgin Mobile that the carrier will begin selling the nearly one-year old HTC EVO 3D later in the year. Reportedly, the device will be renamed as a HTC EVO V 4G. According to the source, the device will be available in both grey as well as the purplish plum shade that was once exclusive to only Best Buy. The alleged HTC EVO V 4G will be joining up in the ranks alongside the upcoming HTC One V on Virgin Mobile to showcase an impressive range of HTC Android devices.

Although the EVO 3D might seem a little old, it would be good to remember that even the Samsung Galaxy S II is about the same age. The EVO 3D consists of more than decent features and is only one of two 3D-capable (auto-stereoscopic; users will not need 3D glasses) handsets available in the U.S. With its qHD resolution powered by a 1.2GHz processor, the phone can still stand its ground against some mediocre devices and a few high-end ones as well. Another feature that exists on Sprint’s EVO will be 4G hotspot tethering capabilities. Would you buy a HTC EVO V 4G if it does come out with Virgin Mobile later this year?

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