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AT&T’s users waiting for a Nexus device to land on their carrier might not have a long wait ahead of them according to this rumor that was heard by Andro Rev. It seems like AT&T is running tests for Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus for the carrier’s 4G LTE network on top of that, a bunch of 4G LTE SIM cards have been sent among normal users in different areas to see how well the device performs.

The source which Andro Rev says is very close to the situation also mentioned that the SIM cards in question will be the regular ones as opposed to Verizon’s micro SIMs. Also provided from the source is that the devices will be 4G LTE enabled and the SKU for the SIM Cards is 73057. This rumor like all others should be taken with a pinch of salt since only time will tell if the carrier will in fact carry the Galaxy Nexus. Would you be in the line to get of the devices or do you think it is a little too late by now?

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